Monday, August 27, 2007

Today's bugs

Found more bugs today for Doug to photograph. A big tomato hornworm - with no parasitic wasp eggs hanging off it's back, so I felt really, really good taking it off the plant and putting it in a plastic baggie for transport! I also found a lacebug on my neighbors Azalea (yes, I have resorted to visiting the homes of others in hopes of raiding their bug stash - funny, no one has refused...)and a grasshopper, a slug, a snail, and some terrific beneficial insects including a tachinid fly, a robber fly, and a big eyed bug. If you aren't familiar with these particular beneficial insects, Google their image and check them out. You have probably come across them in the garden, but just didn't know what they were. I also had a hover fly trapped (when I was a kid we used to call them sweat bees), but when I was trying to transfer it from trap to container, it flew away. It's the only one I've seen all season and I'm very bummed that I let it least it was a beneficial and not a bad guy! Now I just have to hope I find another in the next month or so...

On a side note, I made some broccoli from the garden with tonight's dinner. Not sure why, but it was a touch bitter...maybe the heat. Looking forward to roasting some 'Chioggia' beets as part of tomorrow night's dinner.

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