Wednesday, August 29, 2007

tomayto tomahto

Went out to pick some tomatoes this morning for yet another batch of sauce. The plants still look great...I'm not sure if my lack of blight has anything to do with the fact that it's a brand new garden or the fact that I mulched heavily with a mix of compost (from AgRecycle) and leaf mold. Whatever the reason, they are looking great.

I picked four enormous 'Pineapple' tomatoes. They are a beautiful yellowish color with pink stripes radiating out from the bottom. They look a lot like 'Striped German' but the taste is much sweeter. I also have quite a few 'Caramello' that I got from Garden Dreams Urban Farm in Wilkinsburg along with 'Snow White' cherries (yes, they are a soft white-yellow color and sweet as all get out), 'Golden Jubilee' and 'Green Zebra'. Doug gave me 'Cosmonaut Volokov' (always a favorite), 'Cherry Tallon' and 'Jeff's Mystery' along with some others. I have been so pleased with the varieties I've grown this season. They have been productive and beautiful and fungus free (so far).

The cukes have pretty much shut down for the year, which is fine by me. Only so many bread and butter pickles a girl can make before her hands turn yellow from all the turmeric. I have a great recipe that came from my Nana and I've already made 20 quart jars this year - I guess I know what everyone is getting for Christmas. The hot peppers are beginning to roll in and the beets and carrots are fabulous. I'm growing 'Purple Dragon' carrot for the first time. They are lovely to see in a salad and the taste is much better than I expected. of course my old standby 'Scarlet Nantes' is performing up to her usual perfection. Other than the occasional carrot maggot they've been great.

Had to water all the pots still sitting on the driveway this morning. I need to find homes for them soon - which means I need to create the new bed behind our mini-waterfall to make room for them. The waterfall and pond were sort of plunked by the former owners in an odd spot. It looks very, very contrived as it is now, but I think if I can soften the edges with a new bed, some small trees and flowering shrubs it will help tremendously. Maybe that's a project for this weekend....

I may not get to post over the next few days. My cousin and her two boys are going to be staying with us for three days and I don't know what kind of time I'll have. I don't think I'll be working in the garden while they are here, but it will be back to business once they depart. I'm looking forward to this visit, we always seem to have so much fun together. It's nice to be related to your best friend!

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