Saturday, September 22, 2007

Building a travel garden

Every week during the program, we air a segment called Everybody Gardens. It's an interview with a regular gardener. It's funny because sometimes we show up at someones house to record an interview thinking the story will be one thing, and it turns out to be something else entirely. The difficult part for Doug and I is to find the gardener's story - sometimes it takes a while to discover their passion and find out what will click with the audience. The really great part is that often, we learn a few new things along the way.

I headed to two beautiful gardens on Thursday to record interviews with their owners and I was so pleased with the results of both. Nancy Heraud is an herbalist with literally hundreds of different herb varieties. She's very passionate about preserving the fruits and veggies and herbs that her garden produces. Nancy has some great recipes we'll share with listeners and I think it will be a really lovely piece. But, there was another story in her garden.

Her husband Jose moved to the States from Peru in the 1970's. He shared with me his memories of his parent's gardeners and how he watched them work, knowing that some day he'd like a garden of his own. Jose also shared some seeds with me of two of his favorite plants native from Peru. I'm looking forward to growing them in next years garden.

Jose's gift got me thinking. I'm going to build a travel garden. I'm going to fill it with varieties that I know are native to the countries I have visitied, or with plants I remember seeing during my travels around the world. Of course I'll be careful not to plant anything invasive, but I can't wait to do a little research and find out what is going to find a home in my new travel garden. I must plant Jose's plants, some bougainvillea (Spain), some mouse sh#t peppers (Thailand), some leeks (Italy), and some jasmine (India): these I know will be included. There will also be lots more plants and I can't wait to add to it over the years.

Think about starting a travel garden at your house. No doubt it will bring back great memories.

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