Saturday, September 8, 2007


Our guest on the Sirius program today was Brent Heath from Brent and Becky's Bulbs. Both Doug and I are so fond of him as a person and also as an expert bulb grower. The interview really made me start to think about what kinds of bulbs I'm going to be planting here. The only thing that's already in the shade garden are some daffodils. I'm going to have to contain myself and promise to only plant tulips in the fenced part of the back yard since the deer are so problematic out front. I'm surely going to do some daffs in the front garden including some miniatures and a few standard yellow ones. And then I'll toss in some varieties that are white with the bright orange cups, maybe a later blooming selection. I'm reluctant to try much else out there because of the deer and the chipmunks. Maybe I'll tuck in some Fritillaria persica by the front walk for the 'drive by' interest they'll create on the way to the front door.

My goal around the veggie garden is to do several clumps of Darwin hybrid tulips in bright pink and deep orange. I love the craziness of that combination in the spring... it really perks up the garden just when I need it to! Then in the shade garden, to add to those existing daffs, I'll use some wood hyacinth, some clumps of Fritillaria meleagaris (one of my absolute favorite plants - the checkered lily), and some snowdrops.

I'll need to check out Brent and Becky's catalog to see if there is a bulb that will attract early season hummingbird visitors for the butterfly/hummingbird garden on the side of the house. If not, I'll likely go with some species tulips there and let them ramble up to the edge of the patio. I have always wanted to do some bulbs in my lawn, but have never had the money or time to do it. Doug is always offering me his extra bulbs, so this year I'm going to take him up on it and plant them in the grass around the shed. I'd eventually like to see scilla, crocus, snowdrops and glory of the snow mixed throughout the area, but I know that's years away. A little at a time, I guess.

Also, for those of you who listen to the Sirius show, I'll give you the heads up that next week's guest is one not to miss. Stephanie Donaldson will join us. She has co-authored a book with Prince Charles called The Elements of Organic Gardening. It's a beautiful and useful book and we are very excited that Stephanie is able to join us from across the pond. The show is on Lime Radio (Sirius channel 114) on Saturday's from 12-2pm EST. Hope you can join us!

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