Sunday, September 9, 2007

Glass and flowers

Many thanks to all of our listeners who came to the tour of Phipps Conservatory today. We had nearly 85 folks show up for the event. Our thanks, as well, go to the exhibit designer, Michele Frey McCann for giving us such an informational and entertaining tour. What a great morning it was!

If you live in the Pittsburgh area (and even if you don't but need a few day's vacation) make sure you get to Phipps to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit. It's truly exceptional and there is no way you can appreciate it through pictures. You must see it in person and with a trained guide if possible. I've always been an enormous fan of his, since seeing a few of his pieces in Italy and in the Naples Museum of Art, but to see his work side by side with such amazing plant material, is a real, once-in-a-lifetime treat. Everyone was shocked at the intricacy of Chihuly's pieces and the time and effort on the part of the Phipp's staff to pull together such an exceptional exhibit. I think the most shocking fact I heard was that the pieces had a value of 12-15 million dollars - and worth every penny, trust me!

I think the room I enjoyed the most this time (I've seen the show twice already and plan to go again in a few weeks with an out of town guest)was the serpentine room, especially after learning how those spires were made. The grand court (where the rowboat filled with glass is) is my most favorite exhibit, but I also love what he did outdoors in the Japanese garden. When you go, plan on spending some serious time examining each piece and the way the light plays off it; and how beautifully it blends with all the plant material.

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