Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Trees and Old Plants

Our guests have departed and it's back to the garden... Today my husband and I and our little boy planted a lovely little cut leaf maple ('Shirazz')behind our mini-pond and waterfall. It is really going to look beautiful there once it takes hold. We dug out the existing sod and created a new bed in which I plan to also put some mock orange (a new variety from Novalis that blooms twice per year!) and a few other things. It's not that big of a bed, but my hope is that it will help blend the pond and waterfall into the rest of the landscape. The tree went in quite easily despite the tree roots we had to chop out and thankfully the soil was in decent shape.

On a side note, we went to a friend's birthday party today in our old neighborhood in Shaler - it was my first house and first garden. I couldn't wait to see what the new owners did to it. Now I'm upset that I even looked! They hacked out my garden to put up an 8 foot high retaining wall that is topped with lots of weedy sumac, ragweed, horseweed and other assorted junk. Not one of my lovely perennials or shrubs appeared to remain. The shade garden on the side of the house was incredibly over grown but much less weedy. Our friend said she keeps wanting to sneak over under the cover of darkness and 'rescue' the beautiful oakleaf hydrangea in the corner. I hope she does! The good news is that the house is for sale so perhaps the new owners will pay more attention to the garden. It's always a shame to see something you spent so much time and effort on go to the dogs...

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