Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OKC and the garden

I'm off to Oklahoma City on Thursday for the annual Garden Writers conference (I'll send updates from the event if I can). They've asked me to participate in a panel discussion on organics and the role that garden communicators play in promoting and educating consumers about organic choices. I'm looking forward to the event and to finally meeting some of the faces I've only known via email and telephone for all these years.

Since I'll be gone for nearly a week, I'm sure I'll fall even further behind in my own garden. I managed to give some of my remaining potted plants to my mother for her garden and the rest are waiting on the back patio for the completion of our new retaining wall out front. The stone mason will start shortly after I return and he'll be tearing out the old wall and building a new, higher version that wraps around the steps. He's going to re-use the existing field stone while adding some new ones to make up the difference. The current wall is literally about to collapse.

Of course, I'm excited because this means a whole new garden will be created between the top of the wall and the front walk. I'm going to fill it with some shade perennials like painted ferns, Doronicum, Digitalis lutea, heuchera and some lace cap and 'Lemon Daddy' hydrangeas. 'Lemon Daddy' has bright chartreuse/yellow foliage with pink flowers - it's a real show stopper and will look great with the new boxwood and yellow carex I planted in the new foundation bed across the walk from it. Obviously, I'm going with the chartreuse/yellow/dark green combination. The Heucheras I have are a mix of chartreuse, bronze, burgundy and green leaved varieties. My only fear is that I'll tire of the color combination in a few years and have to re-do the bed in entirety. I guess that's not really a bad thing....in a few years I'll be looking for some new projects...right??

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