Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Autumn weather

What a beautiful morning it was. The weather is finally cooling off. It hardly felt like early October these past few days, more like August around here.

The stone mason finished the new retaining wall yesterday after only 3 days of work. There were three men here from 8am until 5pm solid for three days, but they seemed to do a good job. I hope it lasts the 20 years they said it would! Now I'm trying to decide whether I should plant the new bed now or wait until the spring. The mason said the backfill will settle quite a bit, up to a full foot, so if I plant now, that may mean I'm digging up and replanting everything next spring. On the other hand, if I wait, I'll have to overwinter all of the plants I have sitting in pots waiting to find their home in the new bed. I'll decide by the weekend since that's when I was planning on doing the planting.

The veggie garden is still producing, though I'm sure with the cooler weather on the horizon, the end is near. I've already pulled out my mildewed zinnias and some heavily harvested basil along with my broccoli and the cracked cabbages. I picked a dozen 'Green Zebra' tomatoes yesterday along with some 'Cosmonaut Volkov's. There are still some ripe cherries on the vine that I plan on picking this afternoon.

Another project for the very near future is to get the netting over the pond and waterfall. The leaves from the tulip tree have already begun to drop and I need to keep them out of the water. I have a feeling when I head to the shed, I won't be able to find last year's netting and will have to head to the nursery to buy some more. I just use light weight bird netting weighed down with bricks. It doesn't look very good, but it's effective and that's what counts! I'll remove it before winter, though so it doesn't collect icicles.

Enjoy the foliage this fall and plant those bulbs!

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