Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gone to the dogs

My stinkin' lousy little dog dug up the tulips I planted! I could scream! I was walking around outside and found a bulb in the grass, then I noticed all the holes in the garden. Of course since I didn't catch her in the act, I couldn't do anything but silently fume at her. Plus what I wanted to say was not suitable for my two year old's ears. She's a great little dog, but boy, she really works us over. I managed to find most of the bulbs in the dirt piles she made and put them back into the holes. Gotta love doing the same job twice....


TC said...

I'm pretty sure dogs can hear "silent fumes." I'd be watchin for another occurrence of dog dug bulbs.

Diane said...

I'll let you in on 2 secrets :)
Dogs watch us as we're working in the garden and, if we are digging up the earth, they are so curious about what went in there, that they'll go and check it out, later.

even if they aren't around and don't see us, just seeing and smelling those fresh mounds of tilled soil, and an unfamiliar scent of that bulb beneath is enough to get them to investigate. Purely natural, though I understand the need to fume :-D

Diane, at Dogs Naturally