Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather the past few days. It finally feels like fall now that we've had our first frost. Yesterday I was out raking leaves with my toddler who spread them out as quickly as I could pile them up....we sure did have fun though!

I also cleaned up my front perennial bed, pulling out all the annuals and cutting back the frost nipped perennials. I debated pulling the sunflowers, but after noticing that all the seed heads were already empty, I yanked them. I still have lots of bulbs to plant along with some plants. Plus, there is topsoil and mulch to be put on the new bed above the new retaining wall. I'll call to order that tomorrow. I never got around to planting any dahlias this spring so the only tender bulb I'll need to dig and store is the enormous elephant ear in the back garden (photo above). I plan to do that over the weekend if time allows.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

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