Thursday, October 25, 2007

New favorites

This is a mockorange called 'White Sensation' and it's one great plant. I told you in an earlier post about how I planted three of them behind my little waterfall and about how special they are because they bloom twice per year. Well, they've got several flowers on them right now and they are so sweetly's heavenly! What a great plant. I can't wait to see them in the spring.

We finally got some rain here, though not enough. The pond has lost a lot of water and we've been refilling it gradually with tap water. I feel like it's such an odd time of year to see a parched garden.

I made a lovely little garden bouquet a few days ago for a dinner guest. It was made from bright pink zinnias, roses, salvia and a few pink cosmos in a clear square vase. What a simple and sweet centerpiece. I almost went with the ubiquitous clump of funny looking gourds to center the table, but the bouquet was so much more charming...if unseasonal!

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