Saturday, November 17, 2007


Woke up to a bit of snow on Thursday morning. There was a heavy dusting on the lawn with only the tops of the grass protruding from the white. It was really beautiful, especially sitting on all the rust colored foliage still clinging to some of our trees. Since then, I think most of the foliage has dropped around here. I spent some time on Friday morning raking leaves and cleaning up my hand tools and trowels for the winter. I packed away the hoses too, though they were too frozen to put into the shed! So they are just sitting on the concrete pad outside the shed door.

I still have a bag of bulbs sitting in the garage to plant. There are some alliums, daffodils and a few smaller bulbs to tuck into the front beds. Plus, I've still got a bit of raking to do out front. The maple leaves are collecting on the front steps and making for hazardous conditions for the UPS man.

Some good news: I sent the final manuscript for the next book to the publisher in Friday morning's mail. Good Bug, Bad Bug: Who's Who, What the do, and How to Control them Organically is still on schedule for spring release. The pictures Doug took turned out great and the one's he wasn't able to shoot we were able to get from Mike Masiuk at Penn State and a few from a great website This book involved much more research than the last two and I learned a lot along the if I can just remember it all!

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