Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fall has Fallen

Just harvested the last of the peppers from my frost nipped plants. The only things left in the veggie garden are a few beets and carrots. I'm hoping they make it a few more weeks - it would be nice to enjoy them on Thanksgiving Day.

My husband and I spent part of the weekend hauling topsoil and organic matter by wheelbarrow up the front yard to create the new garden at the top of the stone retaining wall. I also got it planted and mulched too. I did a nice blend of heuchera, Japanese painted ferns, a few shrubs, leopard's bane, Baptisia, yellow foxgloves, and a creeping low honeysuckle that I'm really excited about. I think it will fill in nicely next year and will serve as a good compliment to the new shrub bed across the front of the house. I'm using the extra organic matter to mulch the front perennial bed along the driveway. Doesn't it seem that when the delivery truck drops off the pile it seems so small? Until, of course, you start to shovel it, then you realize how much is actually there!

The leaves are really falling now. We've got a few maples and tulip trees in the back that are dropping like mad. It's hard to keep up, but a few passes with the mulching mower seems to really chop them up nicely.

The next chore is to find homes for the few plants that are still sitting in pots on the patio. I know it's technically too late, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway. Plus, there is still a bag of bulbs sitting in the garage....

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