Sunday, December 16, 2007


At long last I have finished planting my bulbs. I spent an hour or so placing and planting the last 200 bulbs sitting in my garage. I did it really quickly because it was really cold and a nasty storm was on it's way. I had to crack through the mushroom compost mulch with a shovel to dig the holes. My biggest surprise was finding literally twenty or thirty active earthworms in each planting hole (I dig large holes and plant 5 or 6 bulbs in each one). I was really surprised to find the worms so close to the soil surface and still wriggling about. I guess I though it would be too cold for them. Maybe my late mulch application helped keep the soil warmer.

Anyway, here are some of the varieties I planted: 'Red Devon' daffs (white with bright orange cup); 'Snow Frills' Daffs (pale yellow with white cup); 'Double Smiles' Daffs (an unknown color since they were a gift!); 'Dreamlight' Daffs (a 1934 heirloom); 'Lady Derby' hyacinth (soft pink); 'Marie' hyacinth (rich, dark purple); and a few Allium caeruleum for good measure.

As if I needed another reason to look forward to the spring....

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