Sunday, December 2, 2007

Flower Bulbs and Light Bulbs

Well, I was all set to plant the rest of my bulbs this afternoon, when Mother Nature threw a wrench in the works yet again! Rain - and freezing rain at that! Now they'll have to sit in the garage a few more days. I swear I'm going to do it before Christmas....

Speaking of Christmas, I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about stringing lights on your trees and shrubs and how different it is now compared to 30 years ago. My dad used to put those fat multi-colored bulbs around our front windows using little brass tea cup hooks. The lights would get so hot, you could feel it through the window on the inside. My sister and I would press our lips against the warm glass at night. Now there are net lights, icicle lights, fiber optic lights, animated lit-up reindeer, and those enormous (read: tacky) blow up, parachute fabric things. The whir of their motors would drive me crazy! What ever happened to sprigs of holly and boughs of evergreens tacked to the front door and a couple of yards of white pine garland wrapped around the porch railing? To me, using nature's bounty to decorate for the holidays is so much more beautiful than all those lights. I'll take pine cones over twinkle lights any day. The photo above was taken at the farm last year and everything but the magnolia came from our property or the neighbors.


Pam/Digging said...

Pam @ Digging says:

Your farmhouse was charming, Jessica. It must have been hard to leave, but if you're like me, starting over is fun and exciting.

I found your link on Cold Climate Gardening, where I enjoyed your interview.

kate said...

I still have bulbs left to plant, but I think I have to give up the idea. We've had weeks of below freezing weather so it isn't going to happen.

My father still uses the teacup hooks to string the same fat lights he's used for years. He's now 82.

I hope your snow has melted and you can get your bulbs in!

Jessica Walliser said...

Thanks Pam. Yes, I do miss the farm, but we have settled in nicely here; and I just got a card from our old neighbor who said that the farm's new owners love it as much as we did. That was so good to hear. And Kate, I still haven't gotten those bulbs planted! Ack!

Diane said...

and I haven't been able to garden for nearly two months -- I live up north. But I too remember those 'fat' bulbs and the heat they produced. That's why they damaged the trees as well.

I too read your interview at cold climate gardening and am REALLY looking forward to your next book in the spring (on bugs). It sounds as though your book is going to be out just about the time the snow will be melted up here.

Merry Christmas,
Diane, Sand to Glass
& Dogs Naturally