Friday, June 6, 2008

yum yum!!

These are the most beautiful strawberries I've ever grown! I have no idea what variety they are since they came from plants that were relocated from elsewhere on the property last spring. Not only are they lovely to look at, but they are truly delicious. Big, sweet, juicy berries! I think my son ate a good pound of them yesterday and we will soon be up to our elbows in them since they are ripening so quickly in this warm weather (90+ degrees today!). We plan on heading outside after dinner this evening to fill up on this wonderful seasonal dessert. There are few treats as divine as sun-warmed strawberries in June. I almost feel guilty for not sharing them with any friends....almost.

Here is the container I mentioned in an earlier post. It's filled with assorted succulents 'imported' from my trip to Missouri. The center plant is from the Phipp's booth at May Mart. The pot itself was purchased at IKEA a few weeks ago and it sits on top of an antique metal wash stand base that belonged to my Nana. I just love it and I can't wait for it to fill in over the course of the growing season.

The veggie garden is looking great. My beans, cukes, and zukes have all sprouted and seem to be growing quite well. The tomatoes are a foot high already, the sugar snap peas are just about 4 feet tall (yikes!), the lettuce and radish continue to be harvested nightly. My broccoli appears as if it's on steroids this year. Happy, happy, happy.


Nancy Gift said...

No kidding - just looking at those strawberries makes me drool. And I love the pot of succulents. I think some of those grow on my husband's grandfather's farm - lots of rocks! :)

Becky Ri said...

How do you grow your strawberries? I have heard of raised beds, boxes, utilizing newspapers...and so many more! I transplanted some strawberries from my mothers house & can't wait to see what they do this year! For now they are just in a plot of tilled up dirt....I'm keeping my fingers crossed!