Saturday, July 5, 2008

summer sun brings garden fun...

I've been picking some absolutely gorgeous broccoli these past few weeks. It's really delicious. I have always had such trouble with cabbage worms on them, but this year I haven't found a single one, despite seeing tons of the butterflies. Well, the other evening I found out why. I went out to harvest a head when I saw a large paper wasp sitting on top of it. I tried to shush him away but then I noticed that he was wrestling with a green cabbage worm! The wasp was eating the green worm and after a few minutes flew off with half of it. I saw it again yesterday....just amazing to watch.

The peas have been delicious, though none of them have made it indoors. I always seem to manage to polish them off right in the garden! Most of my lettuce has petered out, but the butterhead rocks on. I'm still harvesting it daily and there is not a single trace of bitterness in it. I bought a tomato at the farmer's market today and had a tomato/lettuce/cheese sandwich for lunch. Certainly not a homegrown tomato, but the next best thing. I think it will be another month until I can harvest tomatoes of my own.

My 'Cherry Bomb' peppers are loaded with green fruit. They were planted for my fire-eating husband and I think he's going to have his hands full this year. No fruits on the 'Thai Dragon' though. Hopefully they are to come.

The front perennial garden is really coming into it's season right now. I consider it an early spring and/or late summer garden since there isn't much exciting there in early to mid-summer. My 'Paprika' yarrow, monarda, gloriosa daisies, sunflowers, cosmos, alliums, gomphrena and coneflowers are just looking great this year. How nice that I haven't had to water the garden at all this season! If I had to pick a favorite part of my garden, the front beds would be it. I love the veggie garden, but there is something about pulling into your driveway and seeing your garden that just feels special.

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